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Interpersonal Aggression and Socio-Emotional Development (IASED) is a group of researchers from the University of Seville dedicated to the understanding of the quality of interpersonal relationships and the personal development of children, adolescents and young people. We have a long history in research on peer and dating risks, such as bullying, cyberbullying, sexting, sexual harassment, dating violence y cyberdating violence. Our experience is also characterized by the design, development and evaluation of psycho-educational programs to address these types of problems as well as identify the keys to modify it.

Research Lines

School Coexistence, Interpersonal Aggression and Harassment, Violence in Adolescent Couples and Sexual Violence between Equals, Cyber-coexistence and Cyber-conduct, Cyberbullying, Cyberdating and Sexting, Evidence-Based Interventions.

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About us

Our research team is composed of the following people:

  • Rosario Del Rey (investigadora principal)
  • Virginia Sánchez Jiménez
  • Joaquín Antonio Mora Merchán
  • Francisco Javier Ortega Rivera
  • Paz Elipe Muñoz
  • José Antonio Casas
  • Lydia Nacimiento Rodríguez
  • Noelia Muñoz Fernández
  • Mónica Ojeda Pérez
  • María Luisa Rodríguez de Arriba
  • Esperanza Espino
  • Estrella Durán Guerrero
  • Ana Alcántara
  • Olga Jiménez Díaz
  • Daniela Villa Henao
  • Laura Rodríguez Pérez
  • Luisa Herrera Solarte

In addition, the group has collaborators such as:

  • Marco di Furia
  • Leticia Ruiz-Vega
  • Carmen Emilce Barrera Mesa
  • Daniel Fregoso Borrego
  • Cirenia Quintana-Orts
  • Sabina Zidanšek
  • Paula Domínguez Alarcón
  • Neus Sanjuan Blanquer